Your company logo is finally finished and it’s absolutely perfect. You can’t wait to start putting it to use on signs, business cards, letter headings, your website and many other things in order to give your company a face to be recognized. But wait! If you don’t protect your logo you run the risk someone […]

We have always been amazed by how company logos are able to serve as their identity. By just looking at these, even at far distances, one will recognize that such mark belongs to a certain corporation. There are many things that make these logos stand out from among the rest. Some of these are well […]

Every good market has a competent leader and an equally strong player who would trail closely in the second position. There are examples of Coke and Pepsi in bottled drinks market, Canon and Nikon in the camera market, etc. The same is true for logo design contest websites. The two biggest players in this market […]

For a beginner attempting to run a logo design contest, there are a few essential factors that can prevent your contest from failing. These factors are not only important for the new entrants but also for old-timers. For those who have conducted logo design contests in the past, this article will play the role of […]

Rebranding your business might be a little challenging, but it is clearly a fascinating procedure that will provide outstanding commercial advantages if done by the book. Simply put, it can give your product or service a brand new life. However, it needs to be based on a strategy. You need to actually understand the process […]