Logo Design Contests are quite popular in today‚Äôs world and most of us have heard about it from some place or the other. It is a concept that is fairly known to people around because of its rising demand. If you are not aware of the concept, let me map out what the contest stands […]

Logo designs are often overused. A number of companies tend to use the same concept repeatedly without bothering to change the subject or the modifying the design to look different. They mostly make a few changes to the logo colour or letters that other brands or companies may have used several times. There are situations […]

Colours affect people and their behaviour in different ways. This impact has a place in Psychology and is known as Colour Psychology. Behavioural Psychology is a broader term of which colour psychology forms a part. Not many people believe in behavioural psychology. This stems from the fact that the field is not yet that popular […]

It has been discussed how logo colours can have a deep-seated impact on our emotions. In the current article, we will take a look at how colours and shapes influence our visions about logos and brands. Were you aware that different shapes and colours influence the manner in which we experience a particular flavour even […]

1. EATON 2. ED’s Electric 3. Egg n Spoon 4. Elefont 5. FedEx 6. Guild Food Writers 7. A Jewels 8. Martini House 9. Height 10. Spartan Golf Club 11. CityDirect