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33 Fonts That Make Up The Most Popular Company Logos Today

9POST We have always been amazed by how company logos are able to serve as their identity. By just looking at these, even at far distances, one will recognize that such mark belongs to a certain corporation. There are many things that make these logos stand out from among the rest. Some of these are well known for their unique characters and catch phrases, while some others stand out because of the fonts used to make the names of various companies.

Here at Logoinsider, we exert effort to identify the fonts used for famous company logos and we also provide useful links for people who are looking for sites where they can look for and eventually get these famous fonts.

Our presentation, however, might be limited for logos that have greater amount of typeface. We have included logos that use fonts available at little or no costs at all. New Pepsi font for instance, may not be accessed because it is not publicly available.

Some logos might use customized fonts, but it cannot be denied that most of them are based on one particular font style and that’s the reason why we have also included a way to show the difference between the original font and the final logo produced. For better view of styles, we made our presentation in the classic black and white view to focus on the typeface, insted of color.


Company’s name Original logo Closest available font Font preview
Walt Disney  1_orig  Waltograph  1_preview
Ford  2_ori Ford Script  2_preview
Coca Cola  3_orig Loki Cola  3_preview
Chupa Chups  4_ori Vitrina  4_prev
 Pizza Hut  5_ori PizzaHut font  5_prev
Starbucks Coffee  6_orig FreightSans Black  6_prew
 Home Depot  7_orig Stencil D  7_prew
 Google  8_orig Product Sans  8_prew
Barbie #1  9_original Dollie Script  9_preview
 Barbie #2  10_original Barbie MediumItalic  10_preview
 Lego  11_orig  Legothick  11_preview
 Oral -B  12_orig  Nimbus Sans Black Italic  12_preview
 Nivea  13_orig  Nivea Bold  13_preview
 Amazon  14_ori Officina Sans  14_prew
 Fanta  15_orig Jabberwub  15_prew
Canon 16_origi Canon Font 16_prew
FedEx 17_orig Futura Bold 17_prew
 Mondelez  18_orig Appetite Rounded  18_prew
 UPS  19_orig FF Dax Compact  19_prew
 Vimeo  20_ori Black Rose  20_preview
 Mercedes  21_ori  Corporate A BQ  22_pre
 Nestle  23_orig  Helvetica Bold/ Rounded Bold  23_prew
 Tesco  24_orig ITC Newtext  24_prew
 Dove  25_orig  Civita Light Italic  25_prew
Intel 26_orig Neo Tech 26_prew
Puma 27_orig My Puma 27_prew
 YouTube  28_orig  Alternate Gothic No 2 D  28_prew
 Colgate  29_orig  FreeSet  29_prew
 Fiverr  30_orig Chunk Five  30_prew
 Hallmark  31_orig  Channel  31_prew
 Barclays  32_orig Baker Signet  32_prew
 Nutella  33_orig  ITC Avant Garde Gothic Bold  33_prew
 Netflix  34_orig Graphique Pro  34_pre

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